Take It From the Top

What To Do With a Peak Experience

Peak Experiences are those mountain-top moments when we are suddenly taken out of ourselves - unforgettable ecstatic events, usually of short duration, that are difficult to describe.

Peak Experiences

Dr. O'Keefe has made a lifelong study of Peak Experiences (PEs). In this book he shares many fascinating aspects of PEs including the fact that these experiences are increasing in number and profoundity with each passing year, evidence of a speeding up of evolutionary process. PEs are profoundly important, not only for the individual 'peaker', but for the whole race which is being propelled forward at unprecendented speed as we face an unmapped future.

Read, mostly in their own words, some 90 mountain-top experiences of well-known and little-known persons. You will recognize some of them: Eckhart Tolle, C.S. Lewis, Anwar Sadat, Astronaut Edgar Mitchell, Albert Einstein, scientist Elmer Green (considered the father of clinical biofeedback), actors Alan Arkin and Julie Andrews, basketball star Bill Russell, composers Brahms and Bernstein.

Explore the four most common obstacles to our having more 'peaks': the concept of Original Sin; the Jonah Concept: fear of our greatness; the Robot: living life without thinking; and Fear of Ridicule from the scientific community.